Let's Build Towards our Goals in a Whole New Way

Using the agile methodology and scrum. We put our goals into short sprints and we build a community that will hold us accountable to our goals every week. If you are interested in joining our online small group meetings, submit your email below.
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How Can this Benefit You

Are you always starting New Years resolutions, vision boards, or goal list? But as the year goes on, your goals just seem to go by the way side. By the end of the year you are in same position as last year? Well it's time to finally make the change.

Be Apart of Something Bigger

Join a team that holds you accountable to your goals and find people that can help you along the way.

Keep Track of your Goals in a whole new way

We focus on tracking and managing our goals through short sprints and checkin with standups. You will get more done and have better focus than ever before.

Gain Leadership Skills and Practice Pitching your Ideas

By joining Goalden you will be able to practice leadership skills, pitching your ideas, public speaking and project management.

Decide, Plan, Execute, Reflect

So How Does it Work

So here is the breakdown, and all the steps you need to know

Trello Boards

Once you sign up we will send you an invitation to join our Trello Team. Then the adventure begins!

Collaboration and Leadership Opportunities

Once you become a member of Golden you will have leadership opportunities and being able to collaborate with others on goals.

Scrum and Sprint Planning

We base all our thinking and values in Agile Methodology. We believe in running short sprints to accomplish our goals. Also having accountability partners in everything we do.

Learn to give Business and Sales Pitches

We will give opportunities to our members to pitch their ideas and get feedback. Also it we will train our members on public speaking as well.

Follow us Today

Follow us online today as we continue the journey of building communities to help us all achieve our goals. Also if you have any questions let us know.